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What is MoriLite COB Light Engine & Difference   between?

MoriLite Advantage Technology for COB Light Engine with Flip Chip + Vapor Chamber

we think we need to explain more detail on what's difference between MoriLite C.O.B. Lights Engine & others for all of you understand, which can be help all of you knew our MoriLite advantage features on PerformanceQualityReliability,….etc.

It's not simple or general COB light resource product.


"What is Flip Chip Technology ?"

In our FC LED, we apply patented Flip Chip process instead of traditional wire bonding. Flip-chip not only shorten the production process (which means more stable quality), but also significantly reduce thermal resistance and result in higher heat dissipation rate than in the traditional golden wire bonding LED.

Therefore, by release the heat much faster, and no lead frame for certain light angles, our FC LED light engine is the ideal lighting component for your need.

Below are some of the EXCITING benefits from FC LED:

- No need heavy weight thermal HEAT SINK (due to better heat dissipation rate)

- Cheaper in Production: Less cost due to minimizing heat sink unit

- Longer life: Almost no decade (estimated about 1% in 6,000 hours)

- Surface light (C.O.B. - Chip On Board) instead of Spot light (individual separate LED bulbs unit), FC LED also provides higher module reflective brightness.

- No Shadow of light, no lead frame for certain light angles limitation.

"What are Vapor Chambers?"

Vapor Chambers provide far superior thermal performance than traditional solid metal Heat spreaders at reduced weight and height. Thermal spread resistance is almost neglectable and thermal resistance is x times lower than (refer to copper, carbon nanotube compound, nano diamond compound). Vapor Chambers enable higher component heat densities and TDPs(Total Designed Power) at safe operating temperatures, extending the components and products life.

"How do Vapor Chambers work?"

As the coolant molecules are heated they change phases. The vaporized coolant convicts freely through the chamber. The Molecules then condense on cold surfaces, dissipate their heat load, and are channeled back to the coolant reservoir. Since the rate of condensation depends on the temperature delta of the coolant and the contact surface, the coolant automatically streams towards the coolest surface area. This self-organizing active molecular coolant stream within the Vapor Chamber is responsible for its superior thermal properties. As a result it provides stable and evenly spread temperatures on all of its surfaces, regardless of the location and density of the heat source below the chamber base.

One more Key points as our MoriLite COB is direct conducted with Vapor Chamber, not as same as other 99.9999% makers to conduct on ACB (Aluminum Circuit Board).

Suppose above would be help you to have more clear what you are expecting to know, if you still have any further questions, please let's know w/o any hesitate.